Patito Coolmax Tencel Mask


Style # AT2021
● Tencel fabric, comfortable veneer
● COOLMAX professional bottom
● Reusable, washable, quick-drying
●  AATCC 100 test confirmed 99% sterilization function

購滿$400, 全單8折 購滿$700, 全單7.5折 購滿$1,000, 全單6折(特價除外)


Patito Ag+Tech Silver Ion CoolMax Tencel Super Elastic Denim Style Number: AT2021
Composition: 39% Tencel 55% CoolMax 6% Yanka Color: Indigo Denim
Features:  Permanent sterilization function Ag+Tech Silver Ions  CoolMax quick-drying, moisture absorption and perspiration  Highly breathable  The sterilization function can be washed permanently  AATCC 100 test proves that the sterilization function reaches 99%  Conforms to the textile environmental protection Oeko-Tex® 100 standard  Super stretch fabric, comfortable veneer  Tencel fabric, super soft and super comfortable
Size: 240 x 130mm

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