Patito Extra Guard Mask


Style # EG3022
● Double layer, included 2 filters
● COOLMAX professional bottom
● Reusable, washable, quick-drying
● US NELSON LABS certification

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雙層保護 Patito Ag+Tech Extra Guard EG3022包含2個濾芯。

外層由2種抗菌功能材料和CoolMax交織而成,可保護您的日常生活並讓您整日保持涼爽。 Ag+Tech技術纖維和Bamboo(天然抗菌纖維)織物可保護即將到來的細菌,而銀離子則負責殺死細菌。內層採用與銀離子紗交織在一起的SCQ Ag+Tech襯裡(對皮膚友好,涼爽和速乾),以形成第二道保護。 當然,為了增強Patito Ag+Tech Extra Guard的過濾能力,SCQ Ag+Tech Lining完美配合了5層PM2.5過濾器。
Patito PM2.5 filter includes 5 layers:
1. Waterproof cloth
2. The first layer of electrostatic cloth
3. Activated carbon cloth
4. The second layer of electrostatic cloth
5. Anti-sticky, damp, waterproof cloth............. Result: VFE> 98% (certified by Nelson Labs, USA)
3 sizes to choose from: Adult: 175 X 90mm

Question :
1. What is Patito® Ag+ Tech™?
Patito® Ag+Tech™ uses high technology. When making Polyester polyester fiber raw materials, Ag+ (base) that can produce silver ions is added to the raw materials, and then through a special spinning process, the (silver ion basic) is firmly locked in In the middle of the fiber yarn, the fabric made from this yarn can continuously release the appropriate amount of antibacterial silver ion Ag+. This technology (silver ion-based) will not be washed off by ordinary household washing methods, so Ag+ Tech™ is A permanent sterilization technology

2. How should Patito® Ag+Tech™ masks be washed?
It is recommended that after daily use, use clean water with a small amount of detergent, washing powder or clean hand sanitizer to clean the saliva on the mask and the dust on the mask and the bacteria and viruses.
It can also be washed with other clothes in the washing machine.

3. General surgical masks should be replaced if they are wet or damaged. Do Patitio® Ag+Tech™ antibacterial masks need to be replaced?
According to Xu Shuchang, a professor in the Department of Respiratory System of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the mask should be replaced after a few hours of use or when it feels wet. The reason is that the surgical mask has static electricity attached to the fiber to absorb virus particles. But wearing the mask for a long time, the face will appear Sweat, breathe out water vapor, dissolve the static electricity, weaken the adsorption function of the mask, make it more difficult for the mask to filter the virus. Patitio® Ag+Tech™ antibacterial mask can continue to protect you. Patito® Ag+Tech™ Under the environment, it continuously releases sterilizing silver ions Ag+ to fight disease-curing bacteria.

4. Summer is here, and using a mask in hot weather will feel cramped. What can be done to solve it?
Use Patitio® Ag+Tech™ antibacterial mask, which has high breathability, moisture absorption and perspiration function. It makes you feel comfortable when using the mask.

5. Experts remind everyone not to touch the surface of surgical masks, because bacteria will multiply on the surface of surgical masks. Patito® Ag+Tech™ antibacterial masks, need to pay attention? Patito® Ag+Tech™ antibacterial masks, put (silver ion based) It is firmly locked in the middle of the fiber yarn, so that the fabric made using this yarn,
It can continuously release the appropriate amount of antibacterial silver ion Ag+, and it can play the sterilization function uninterrupted under any situation and time. So it is safe to grasp the outer layer.

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