Patito 3 layers protection Silver Ion Mask (Changeable Filter)


Style # HG5002
● Washable, silver ion double protection
● Quick drying, breathable, moisture wicking
● Passed the test by international professional institutions

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Three-layer protection function design Silver ion mask cover (included 2 filters)
Patito Ag+Tech/Ag+Fresh Hybrid Guard consists of 2 main functional layers.
The outer layer uses Ag+Fresh fabric to defend against coming bacteria. Silver ions are responsible for killing bacteria. The sterilization function can be washed 50 times.
The inner layer is made of SCQ Ag+Tech lining (skin-friendly, cool and quick-drying) interwoven with silver ion yarn. The sterilization function can be washed permanently to form a second protection.
Of course, in order to enhance the filtering capacity of Patito Ag+Tech/Ag+Fresh Hybrid Guard, the SCQ Ag+Tech lining has been perfectly matched with a 5-layer PM2.5 filter element.

Ag+Fresh sterilization function can be washed 50 times
Ag+Tech sterilization function can be washed permanently
Patito PM2.5 filter consists of 5 layers:
1. Waterproof cloth
2. The first layer of electrostatic cloth
3. Activated carbon cloth
4. The second layer of electrostatic cloth
5. Anti-sticky, wet, waterproof cloth

Outer layer: 99% cotton 1% spandex + Ag+Fresh finishing
Lining: 70% polyester fiber 30% SCQ Ag+Tech polyester fiber

Color: Blue face/white bottom

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花紋, 迷彩


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