Dolphin 5L waterproof bag ($99/2pcs.)


Style # LBWP3114
● Lightweight, easy to carry
● Airtight storage, waterproof
● Unique design style
● Suitable for beach, pool

On Sale $99 for 2

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Our team developed this 5 liter waterproof bag with a portable design, so that you can protect your belongings and avoid being splashed and wet when you are doing sports on the water. This 5 liter waterproof bag can be soaked for a short time (must use the correct folding Method), can protect personal belongings and avoid getting wet when splashed. Suitable for beach play, canoeing, stand-up paddling or light sailing.
Size : ¢15*43CM

Due to the manual measurement of product specifications, the product size will have a negative difference of 2-3CM, and this error will not cause quality reasons

Additional information

First One Color

001 BLACK, 310 GREEN, 420 BLUE, 670 PINK

Second One Color

001 BLACK, 310 GREEN, 420 BLUE, 670 PINK


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