TYR Swim PU cap


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The swimming cap fabric made of PU has strong air permeability, which is different from ordinary silicone caps. It has good waterproof effect and does not feel tight. Compared with silicone swimming caps, it has better air permeability.

● Ergonomic and Hydrodynamic Fit.
● Polyurethane is both water propellant and durable.
● Prevent chlorine from damaging hair
● USA Brand, Made in Korea

※ New swimming cap has a slight smell of plastic packaging. Take the swimming cap out of the stall and let the smell dissipate.
※ It is easy to clean, easy to store, long service life and not easy to damage.

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001 Black, 040 Silver, 100 White, 428 Royal, 451 Sky, 670 Pink


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