TYR Femme T-72 Ellipse Performance Mirrored Goggle


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● Designed for racing or training and is a favorite of Olympic Silver Medalist Martina Moricova
● Universal no-leak fit one size fits all creates a no leak fit on virtually all facial types with comfort
● Its rear adjusting split silicone headstrap provides independent strap adjustment for precise fit

TYR Femme T-72橢圓鏡游泳鏡是專為女性設計的。這些是牢固貼合的高端訓練鏡。它們具有解剖形狀,並具有出色的流線型。框架不會洩漏,並具有矽膠密封。眼鏡可以可靠地戴在臉上,具有低過敏性,可以完美保護免受紫外線和有害水分的影響。

Wide Peripheral Range

Increased viewing range for optimal sighting

Low Profile Design

Close fit designed to create minimal drag in competition

Speed Adjustment

Simple release button for quick head strap adjustment

Mirrored Lens

Highly reflective, bold statements of color. Mirror coatings are strictly cosmetic and do not provide any difference in vision

Anti-Fog Coating

Integrated anti-fog treatment for lasting lens clarity

**The anti-fog coating will gradually fail due to the frequency and time of use. This is normal. Customers can buy anti-fog water in our store to keep the swimming goggles clear.

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041 Smoke, 750 Met. Gold


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