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● Improve swimming level
● Focus on body balance, catching and paddling
● Strengthen lung capacity training
● Lightweight

Take your swim training to the next level with the TYR Ultralite Snorkel Elite.

Simple and secure release buttons on the back of the strap provide quick and easy adjustment, while the sliding headpiece ensures targeted positioning. For clear and easy breathing a one-way purge valve is included.

With Durafit® Silicone padding, every Ultralite Snorkel allows for a comfortable fit, and maintains its shape over time. At only 175g, the LSNRKL2B has a lightweight and durable construction as well as a removable, easy-to-clean, liquid silicone mouthpiece.

Moderate and advanced cardio training caps are also included for swimmers seeking to build lung capacity.

With Durafit Silicone padding, every Ultralite Snorkel Elite allows for a comfortable fit, and maintains its shape over time. Designed to be 25% smaller and 15% lighter than the Ultralite snorkel 2.0, the Elite is the most lightweight of its kind. In addition to its durable construction, the LSNKLELT also includes a removable, easy-to-clean, Liquid Silicone mouthpiece.

For Age : 8 - 12

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