TYR Kids' Life Vest


● Import by Hong Kong distributor
● Secure and adjustable under strap
● Full range of motion

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Help your child approach swimming as a life skill with our exclusive collection of Start to Swimª products.

Ideal for pools and various water locations, our TYR Kids' Start to Swimª Traditional Life Vest empowers childrento feel safe and capable as they learn to move with full mobility through the water. Level III (3) coast guard approved and available in high visibility colors, the LSTSVST gives young swimmers 360¼ range of motion during every stroke. Each life vest is designed with two adjustablestraps that clip in front, as well as an under strap that lies between the legs for added security.

Parents can take comfort in knowing that every Start to Swimª product introduces children to the water in the safest way possible. Specifically constructed, each provides the building blocks necessary to truly succeed in the water. After all, we want our kids swimming, not just floating!

*This product must be used under adult supervision

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