Patito PM2.5 Mask Filter


Patito PM2.5 5 layers Filter for our Mask
Style # PM25S
●  Mask Filter



Filter only, please visit below site for Mask

增強Patito 的過濾能力,Patito PM2.5濾芯會與 SCQ
Ag+Tech裡布和 Ag+Tech / Ag+Fresh外層完美配合使用。
Patito PM2.5濾芯由5層組成:
1. Anti-droplet, waterproof fabric
2. The first layer of electrostatic cloth
3. Activated carbon cloth
4. The second layer of electrostatic cloth
5. Anti-sticky, damp, waterproof cloth............. Result: VFE> 98% (certified by Nelson Labs, USA)
Two Sizes option :
A. Adult size : 125x80mm
B. Kid size : 100x70mm

Additional information


10 pcs. per pack


成人 125x80mm, 小童 100x70mm


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