StrechCordz® with Paddles


Style # SL100
●  Made in the USA
● Improve swimming and kicking
● Improve running posture
● Improve and strengthen athletes’ flexibility, endurance and speed

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The S100 is the original dryland training device.Used for curls,tricep extensions,flies and lat pulls to enhance speed, endurance and swim stroke.

The S100 includes two handles connected to two 4ft/1.2m tubes and a combination mounting loop. Sold as a unit only. No removable components or replacement parts. Available in five resistance levels.  (size chart listed as below )

Composed of a pair of combined mounting rings and two 1.2-meter-long elastic bands, divided into 5 different weights according to color

Color Resistance (lbs)* Resistance (kg)*
Silver 3-8 1.3-3.6
Yellow 5-14 2.2-6.3
Green 8-24 3.6-10.8
Red 12-31 5.4-14.1
Blue 14-34 6.3-15.4
* resistance when stretched 1 – 3 times original length

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040 Silver 3-8 lb, 310 Green 8-24 lb, 420 Blue 14-34 lbs, 610 Red 12-31 lb, 720 Yellow 5-14 lb


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